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Warning! Sleeping on planes runs uncomfortable and awkward risks!

May 17, 2010

I have flown may times during my life, my dad is an inspector for a regional airline and so airplanes are nothing new to me. However this is one of the longest flights I have ever been on, and the entire flight I was thinking ‘I wish I could feel my toes.’ Maybe this flight was just insanely cold because I’ve worn sandals on a plane before and was fine but this time, that wasn’t the case. Luckily, despite the perilous cold temperatures, I was able to observe several intersting things other people were doing while in flight. Reading, watching movies, listening to an ipod, or playing hand held games or puzzles were popular choices in ways to pass the time.

My flight was a night flight however, so I would say the number one activity of the other passengers was sleeping. Some passengers brought their own blankets, pillows, or even sleeping masks like the girl who sat next to me. While others opted to use the tissue paper thin blankets the airlines provide. I didn’t sleep much on the flight, so I found it extremely entertaining to see creativity at work in individuals finding a comfortable sleeping position. Call me a creeper because I was watching people sleep, but I found it really humourous.

There is the classic sitting up straight position complete with bobbling head moving side to side. There is also the clever neck pillow that some passengers had to prevent the head bobble. This position runs the risk of ‘shoulder buddies’ where your neighbor or yourself may experience someone’s head laying on one’s shoulder..hopefully no drooling is involved.

There is also the fold over in half position where passengers bend over and lay their head on theri lap…these individuals can be pointed out post-flight because they leave walking huntched over because their back has been bent for 7 hours

Their is the fetal position as well, where passengers curl up in their seat by putting their feet on the seat so they may lay their head on their knees. I tried this position and I have to input a warning for severe neck cramps following even the briefest naps.

Finally perhaps the best position is the use of traytable as a head rest with a pillow. This position limits the amont of back bending and awkwardness, and also eliminates the risk of ‘shoulder buddies’.

One final comment I have to make is that the attire when flying is surprisingly casual. I would say sweatpants and sweatshirts where the most common. Anyone dressed up in more than jeans I realized were either a) flying first class, b) business professionals, or c) the poor souls flying stand-by who usually dress nice in case they can score an empty seat in first class. I have usually flown stand-by in the past so I can relate to these people. I have to say paying for a ticket is almost worth it because you can dress comfortably.

I actually enjoy flying even with the cold feet, needless to say I was happy to land and make way way into the city.