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Where the locals go…not Parizka Street

June 4, 2010

Over the past week in Prague I have noticed a lot about Czech culture and their views of fashion and shopping. After visiting the Palladium I began to realize that fashion is not a priority for Czechs and they do not see the value or necessity in the high priced brands and labels. For Czechs, shopping and fashion is not about individuality like we saw in London nor is it about status or trends. Czechs seem to feel that fashion is more or less just another item that is purchased as needed. Brands are not as important and a lot of this has to do with history and current economic situation the country has. Because the average Czech only makes around 15-20 thousand US dollars a year a brand like H&M would be considered extremely expensive for the average citizen. Therefore its surprising that there is a street like Parizka Street in the heart of Prague. The street is lined with couture and high fashion labels along with fine dining and salons. Louis Vuitton, Prada, Lacoste, Burbury, and Hemes were among the brands here. However walking down the street and walking through stores I came to realize that this street was not here for local Czechs, but more so for tourists. I heard and saw very few Czech people on the street and in the shops, even the employees of the shops were not all Czech. Many of them sounded like they were from France or the UK, or Germany. The shoppers in the stores were two types of people primarily. The first type were those who looked like they belonged in the shops and could afford to drop 13,000 Kc ($6,000 USD) on a handbag or mini dress. The other half were tourists and people that are simply passing through dreaming of buying something from one of the stores. The stores defiantly had a sophistication about them that other shops and streets lack. The landscaping down the street was well manicured, the shops looked modern and updated but still retained Prague’s old world charm. Even the cars lining the street matched the primary group of shoppers. Maserati’s and Mercedes were parks along the way or zoomed by quickly with roaring engines. The interiors of the stores played top 40 tunes or classy elevator music the employees wore tuxedos or chic black dresses. The furniture and lighting was all luxurious and plush with soft and rich fabrics. The stores were not packed with clothing either. The racks were sparsely distributed and held only a few garments. Clearly Parizka Street was not targeting the average Czech. While I’m sure Czechs would love to shop here, but the clothes are just not practical or functional for their lifestyles. The couture fashions are all about showing off and displaying one’s wealth. The Czechs are a humble culture and do not like to show off their wealth in obvious ways. For most Czechs life isn’t about the clothes they wear or the car they drive. The fact that the average Czech cannot afford couture is part of the reason why they don’t shop on Parizka but the fact that the products are not functional is another reason why you won’t find many locals on Parizka Street.