About our Adventure

Hello! We are a group of students from From Marquette University (Milwaukee, WI) and Drake University, (Des Moines, IA). We are all taking part in a summer study abroad program called Global Brand Tracking. We’re studying in Europe with a technique called Ethnography.  In simple terms…in-depth people watching to understand the differences in trends, consumer behavior/opinion on why they live and buy as they do. Within our class we will be looking into Fashion, Beer, and Automobiles. Our group specifically will be looking at the fashion sector. During our trip we will explore London visiting several ad agencies, neighborhoods, shops, and historic landmarks to observe fashion. We will also be traveling to Manchester while in the UK. After 10 days in Britain, we will continue on the the Czech Republic to visit Prague where we will continue tracking brands and trends in fashion. This blog will be a interesting insight into how other cultures view fashion and how/why they choose to buy the brands they do. We all plan to learn a lot from this experience, and hope that reading our blog will educate our followers as well.

Meet the Authors of “Dressing Up Europe”

Lauren (Marquette University)

Hello, my name is Lauren and I will be a Junior this coming fall at Marquette. I’m an Advertising major working also on a minor in Studio Art and Graphic Design. I wanted to participate in this program because I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to learn something about advertising and brands in other cultures that you cannot learn as easily from the States. I think being here and observing first hand will be an eye opening experience that I can use in my future career. One day I hope to be an Art Director at a major ad agency.

Suz (Drake University)

Hi I’m Susan…Suz to most.  I will be a senior in the fall at Drake University.  I’m studying Creative Advertising and Graphic Design along with a concentration in Art History.  I came on this trip because I was culturally curious and wanted to understand the corprate world of advertising.  It’s getting close to a job hunt and I want to know if Advertising is a good fit for me.  Eventually I see myself owning a photo studio.

Jean (Marquette University)

Lisa (Marquette University)

Hey everyone, I’m Lisa. I’m going to be a Senior at Marquette in the Fall, and I’m majoring in  Advertising. I love to travel, meet new people, and gain new experiences. I was motivated to  participate in this study abroad opportunity because it is a perfect fusion between my two  greatest interests, advertising and traveling. I’m looking forward to visiting the agencies  mostly, and I hope to get my hands a bit dirty with our ethnographic research. In the next five  years, I hope to be living in the UK or elsewhere in Europe and working in the Ad industry, so  hopefully I like what I see while I’m here! 🙂

Yting (Marquette University)


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