Reflection of Global Brand Tracking in EU

June 13, 2010

Throughout the exploration of cultural code in UK and Czech Republic, I believe that cultural code is able to help marketing professionals to find out the deeper meaning of the products in consumers’ lives. It’s the emotion connection that helps consumers to love the products, to be loyal customers and give referrals.

Moreover, cultural code provides marketing professionals a lot of potential opportunities to develop new products, expand target market as well as to improve customer service. Nowadays, most brands attempt to strengthen the relationship with customers through interaction. The consumer insights from cultural code are likely to create more topics and approaches for professionals to engage consumers more effectively.

Observation in ethnography marketing is not the hardest part. How to apply the cultural perspective to explain consumers’ behaviors and always keeping an objective standpoint is quite difficult. Ethnographers are not required to know a lot about the products or brands but also everything related to the cultures, economy and politics of the market. On the one hand, it’s quite important to stay away from our own cultural lens and make subjective analyses of consumers’ behaviors. I think the best way is to be a listener. So only when ethnographers are able to immerse themselves into this culture, they are able to understand local people’s insights.

As a Chinese student studying in the USA, I do really appreciate this opportunity to know more about different cultures. Along the way, I was always trying to make a comparison of the culture, economy and politics among USA, UK, Czech Republic as well as my hometown China. Their differences and commons have successfully expanded my perspective to the world, enriched my knowledge and helped me to be a global citizen. As a graduate student, my mission is not only study but also to explore the world through learning various cultures. This class perfectly combines the schoolwork with culture exploration and sightseeing. The visits to the advertising agencies and communication with local residents attribute to my deeper understanding of these two countries. I always told myself that I am not only a tourist, but also more importantly, a student, an ethnographer and an explorer.

Also, this is a meaningful and memorable adventure. I cherished every opportunity to immerse myself into the local cultures. I went to the restaurants that most middle-class Czech people usually go to. I tried every kind of public transportation. I appreciated every opportunity to talk with local people. Only through this way, I could take off my mask of being a tourist, stay away from my Chinese and American lens, and try my best to know local people’s real lives and to be a qualified ethnographer and explorer.

Overall, as one of the young generations, my first experience in Europe not only enables me to learn a lot about the knowledge related to my major but also have changed my mindset and enriched my understanding of being a global citizen.

PS: MILUJU PRAHA&LONDON! It’s a fun trip and class!



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