Final Post in Prague

June 4, 2010

The discussion of the cultural code of fashion in Czech Republic is already pretty close. For this final post, I wanted to add several points through my observation in Parizska Street  and some prospects for the fashion world in Czech Republic.

Walking under the shades on the Parizska Street, I can smell, see, and feel the luxury of this street. The environment of the street really fits Pragua. However, I was wondering whether this street really be able to immerse into average Czech people’s lives and the fashion culture in Czech Republic.

When I walked into Louis Vuitton, rather than observing the people shopping there. Firstly, I smelt the fragrance of leather. For my perspective, this is a really good indicator of Louis Vuitton’s high quality in leather. The second important observation focused on the races of the people shopping there. The most often language I overheard was Korean, Japanese and Chinese. They were all middle-aged women. They didn’t dress up fashionably or stylishly.   Then I asked the guide standing in front of the store, “What kinds of consumers usually come to here shopping?” His answer didn’t surprise me a lot: it’s “Asian!”

On Parizska Street, there are shops offering cut glass, jewellery, cosmetics, clothes, etc. Everyone will find their own among the vast number of brands, be it a men’s suit, sports clothing, or an evening dress. The synonym for this street in terms of shopping seems to be “countless choices”. But “countless choices” works for tourists from around the world. For most Czech people, they can recognize the brand’s personality and do window shopping. But in most cases, they can’t afford them.

The general director from Ogilvy said, “Prague is not Czech!” Now I do really know the reasons: Prague is full of tourists. However, I have to admit young generations’ wishes to look  good and present their personal identities through dressing codes. I wish that the fashion industry in Czech could help to inspire and motivate young generations to establish the idea of brands in fashion, which are not just about functionality but also for emotion connection.


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