ethnography training round 2

June 3, 2010

Parizsha Street is Prague’s Rodeo Drive.  Prada, Hermes, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Lacoste and an Aston Martin parked on the street should give you a mental picture.

Bridget and I took two walks down this street. Round 1 Bridget walked and closed her eyes and told me all the things she could smell.  With Bridget’s plugged nose from being sick it was a little tough.  Round 2 I walked with my eyes closed and said everything I could hear.

It was an interesting exercise to isolate our senses…especially the senses that we have been ignoring.  It is so easy to tell someone what you see, but really you are missing a lot of other details that could possibly be essential to the overall picture.

Walking down Parizsha Street in a normal fashion I may not have payed attention to the sound the silverware made when someone layed them back on their plate, or the strong perfume smell you instantly smell when you walk past a fashion boutique.  There was construction going on and each job created its own sound.

I wish we would have done this exercise at the beggining of the trip, but even so I realized that i was missing out on a lot of senses.  It was a good reminder of details I had been skipping over. The smells, sounds, and feelings that tap into the emotional connection with a location are key to understanding deep into a customers thought process.  I’m excited to apply this method when getting to know JC Penny and its customers for my senior capstone class next year.  I think this will help me get a feel for the customer and in turn create better advertisements.



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