London Street Style

May 24, 2010

The street style is here: just a few words that come to mind and I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Rompers, Tap-Dancing Shoes, Skinny Ties, Pastel Denim, Ray Bans, Taking your time, Pet Clothing, Ray Bans, Old Fashioned VIntage, Old with New, Day into Night, TINY shorts, Lace-up leather boots, Flannel, Status Symbol. Loose Tops, Cropped Tees, Neon Shoes, Statement Pieces, Louis Vuitton, Overalls, Gladiator Sandals, Blazers, Office Worn Casually, Light Denim Jackets, Skinny Belts, Black TIghts with Shorts, Laid Back Shoppers, Converse, Embellishments, Tailored Suits, High Waists, Stone-washed Jeans, Socks with Heels, Florals, Cross-body Bags, Vests, Nautical, 80’s, Kate Moss, Ripped Tights, Sequins, Red Lips, Stripes, BEING YOURSELF- This is what London fashion is about. ❤

I saw a lot of girls wearing these cross-body bags and office shoes, usually brown or black leather.

Men in Central London have a way of dressing day-to-day. They’ll put a lot more thought into their outfits than the typical American man. They are generally more into looking “smart” than American men, who usually aim towards comfort and masculinity.

American inspirations? Cowboy hats, pigtails, and overalls. Yeehaw!

If this isn’t a bold fashion statement I don’t know what is. As an American, I was a bit shocked at the boldness, but nobody else here in London on the street that day seemed to look twice.

Be sure what you want and be sure about yourself. Fashion is not just beauty, it’s about good attitude. You have to believe in yourself and be strong. -Adriana Lima


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