Personality…Individuality…Top Shop

May 22, 2010

Walking around London has been fabulous, I love the city, I love the people, and I love how everyone seems to have their own unique sense of style. Earlier this week while out at the pubs I had a chance to speak with a few people about fashion, brands, and shopping.

One of the people I spoke to was a guy named Taff. In particular I think he had some valuable stuff to say about fashion and personal style in London. The big thing that jumped out was that he said fashion in London is all about Individuality. People want to be unique and have their own style. Vintage shops are a popular way to achieve this. Its a way to mix the old with the new. Taff recommended Carnaby Street and Top Shop for some of the best shopping in London.

I got the chance to go to Top Shop briefly today, and let me tell you it is a crazy madhouse. The store is packed with people both locals and tourists. I found that tourists would be in groups shopping together so not to get separated from each other. Londoners were a bit more adventurous and would venture off on their own. One thing I found interesting was that many people didn’t even bother to try clothes on, many people that I saw went right from the rack to the check out line but a few went to stand in line to the fitting rooms. The store was very modern it reminded me of a massive Forever 21 like back in the states. I could defiantly see why Taff had suggested Top Shop because with so many clothes it is entirely possible to create hundreds and thousands of unique outfits that reflect many different styles.

The trends and style of the clothes on the racks and customers also had a wide range, however I could see many of the items there followed trends in the US too. Gladiator sandals, rompers, embellished tops, skinny jeans, leggings, and swim suits and dresses with a retro 40’s and 50’s vibe were common items throughout the store. I think Top Shop is a fabulous launch site for ethnographic research on fashion. It was a great place to see a good mix of locals at a popular store in this vibrant city.



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