May 22, 2010

For those that know me, you understand my love for shoes.  Naturally my eyes have been to the ground.  After a few days here I have realized the front runner.
The shoe celebrity in this town is Converse.  The lovely part is age plays no factor.  Everyone loves converse.  Obviously I had a mad appreciation for the gray haired woman rockin some chucks.  This is a common trend in style over here.  Age is not relevant.  You wear what you want, because you like it and most importantly it’s comfortalbe.  It’s a confident bunch here in London.
After six days I’m understanding the ways of a central Londoner…they walk, and therefore eat and drink as they please.  This lifestyle is lovely because the pints are thrown back and the fish and chips are devoured and I still feel great.
I think the Londoners are telling me I’m dumb for not packing my Converse.  Time to make my first purchase in London!

cheers! susan


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