May 20, 2010

Fashion in London. Where do I even begin?

As I’ve been walking around, I’ve used my phone to keep track of the different trends I come across. So, here’s the basic, the unique, and the just plain awful.

Some of the most basic trends that are all over London —

  • Blazers – girls and boys
  • Skinny jeans – girls.. and boys
  • Scarves, scarves, scarves
  • A monotone outfit with one item with a pop of color (all black, grey, or light blue with a red bag)
  • V-necks on guys
  • Girls with leggings/big flowy shirts
  • Designer purses

Some unique things I’ve seen —

  • BRIGHTLY colored hair. I mean BRIGHT. Bright purple, bright orange, bright green.
  • Tights under shorts – not a big trend in America, maybe this style will travel overseas soon, maybe not. A lot of people wear this here.
  • The Brick Lane area in general was very unique fashion-wise. Tons of interesting combos of clothes, accessories, jewelry, and shops. Really cool and different.

And, the bad —

  • Everyone smokes. I saw a woman with two cigarettes in her mouth at the same time. No.
  • A man wearing a Nickelback T-shirt at Buckingham Palace.

P.S. Lookin’ good, Hermoine.


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