Up in the air!

May 17, 2010

Waiting peacefully…

Hundreds of people flying to London were waiting for the new announcements from the British Airways. They gather together and hang out in the gate. Most people are not that anxiously. They were playing pokers, reading books, sitting on the ground, catching up and even making new friends. However, it’s very interesting to see how excited the travelers were when they were notified for their updated boarding time. I was in the bathroom when the agents announced this most exciting news. Then I heard that one middle aged woman said to the other people, “Hey, I’m going to London finally!” even though they are strangers to her. Actually, her flight was already delayed for more than three hours.

Schedules up in the air…

From my perspective, every passenger’s schedules on the flight are mostly impacted and controlled by the flight crew.

Time for food serving is regarded as a wake-up call; no matter the air attendants were serving drinking, snacks or dinner. Everyone would wake up from their nap and enjoy the food while they are watching a movie with the screen in the back of the seats. I would like to call it as “refresh time.”

Besides, for the reason that the crews are able to control the brightness of the lights, when the lights in the cabin were turned down, it’s a sign that it’s time for taking a nap. In most cases, most people will give up reading and movies and enjoy their nap time.

About the British Airways

To be honest, it’s the best flight service I have ever had till now. Besides the offering of blanket and pillows, it’s just very thoughtful to provide socks, eye mask and teeth brushes.

Furthermore, regarding those safety instructions, which are mostly regarded as boring but essential, British Airways employed the strategies of “digital storytelling.” The presentation through video is much more effective for travelers to understand the content. To my surprise, some travelers applauded after the presentation.

Considering the dressing code for the air attendants, ladies all wear the scarves with the national color of UK: blue and red. For males, they all wear the ties with these two colors too. I’m not sure what the brand position of British Airways is till now. But I can assume that it might be positioned as a classic and national brand from UK around the world.

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