May 17, 2010

As I’m sitting here, finally in London, I realize how excited I am for this trip.

Studying abroad in London and Prague for three weeks is not only a great way to learn about Advertising and Marketing, but it’s an amazing experience just to be living here. I’ve never been to Europe before, so the next three weeks are going to be ridiculously fun.

Lisa, Bridget, Katelyn, Jamie and I are in our flat, relaxing by the door to our terrace, and unwinding after a ridiculously busy day. Once we arrived at our gate at O’Hare, we learned that the volcano ash cloud had been shutting down UK airports and was threatening to cancel our flight. Luckily, the flight was cleared and we took off an hour behind schedule.

The flight was great. Lisa, Katelyn and I sat in business class — big, comfy, automated chairs with three settings to play with, lots of leg room, On-Demand movies and TV shows, wine with a pretty decent dinner, and a small breakfast before we arrived in England at around 11.

We got off the plane, got through customs, and went to get our bags. Of course, Lisa’s suitcase wasn’t there. It was still in Chicago. Oh well, perfect excuse to go shopping today. We hopped on the express train to London Station, got in a tiny taxi cab,  and drove to our apartments. We were told that we can’t nap – otherwise we’ll mess up our sleep schedules – so we figure we might as well go out tonight! The neighborhood that we’re staying in looks awesome – lots of restaurants, shops, and pubs. We’re around the corner from the British Museum, too.

Tracking the fashion industry is going to be great. I’ve already seen about ten different distinct trends here. One of my biggest concerns about packing was whether or not the clothes I was taking would “look London enough.” I think I’ll be OK. Hopefully I’ll manage and not stick out TOO much. Everyone here wears really cute, classy outfits. Lots of scarves, boots, sweaters, and cute bags for the girls, and the boys are all in blazers and put-together outfits. I love fashion, shopping, clothes, everything about the fashion industry, so studying the fashion industry here is more than perfect for me.

Basically, this trip is going to be amazing for me. I was so excited about coming to Europe, and now that I’m here that anticipation just got multiplied by 3829. I cannot wait to live here for three weeks, travel around Europe, take a MILLION pictures (don’t really care how much of a tourist I look like), and blog about the global branding and marketing here. I can’t wait!



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