First day in London

May 17, 2010

We’re unpacked, settled, and ready to do this!

As soon as we relaxed for a bit, the five of us headed out of our flat and walked around London before our group meeting at the ACCENT office. Bloomsbury is absolutely beautiful – decorative buildings, tons of trees and flowers, winding roads,  and my favorite – the little red telephone booths. I can tell that I’m going to love it here.

As I mentioned in my first post, the plane ride over here was awesome. Besides the extra-special perks of British Airway business class (why can’t every airplane come equipped with On-Demand??), it was really relaxing because of the people on board.

The passengers were actually friendly. When I first got on board, my bag – of course – was barely fitting the overhead compartment. I pack way too much. The British woman next to me was more than willing to help me rearrange the compartments like a puzzle in order to fit my huge bag. The other people that I sat next to were also extremely friendly and made my seating experience a good one.

The flight attendents were almost too enthusiastic. I loved their accents and the fact that they asked me every 5 minutes if I wanted anything – Tea? Coffee? Wine? It was really refreshing to have such an animated airplane experience.

People watching on the airplane also gave me a preview of the fashion of London. Good thing we semi-dressed up – everyone flying home to London was looking flawless. In America, I feel like people don’t put much effort into their “flying” ensembles. I know I don’t!

Going along with the demeanor of the people on the plane – everyone in London is super friendly. At least the people I’ve met so far. Everyone is interested in what you have to say, willing to help you out, and eager to have a conversation. I can’t wait to see what interesting people I meet while I’m here.

We met today to go over the itinerary for the trip – wow. We are going to have a busy three weeks. My friends and I have already written our own to-do list and have vowed to check off every single thing. It’s going to be a challenge, but we’re up to it!



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