day 2

May 17, 2010

London rocks.  I love the aura of this city.  The mix of history and modernity creates such a distinct culture.  We may call America the melting pot, but London has such a vibrant array of people.

Today we walked from Hyde Park all the way to the Southwark tube station.  Along the way we saw the changing of the guards, stopped by Westminister Abbey and The Eye.  It was a beautful walk.  I understand it is a very touristy area of town, but it was so fun to hear all the different languages spoken as well as the differences in fashion.  I found myself trying to pick out people that were American.  Occasionally I was wrong, but it seems so easy to sterotype people based on their choice in fashion.

I love the amount of suit coats I see men wearing.  A younger guy rocked a hoodie under a suit coat and it looked great.

As for women the biggest trend I’ve noticed is boots…of all kinds.  Boots with tights and shorts was very common.

After today I am very excited about this experience.  I may call people watching a hobby of mine, which makes this “in-depth people watching” more educated and rewarding.  Rather than judging people based on their clothes I’m finding connections.

It’s going to be a great week in London.  There are so many things I am excited to do.

Possibilities: Cricket match, Rugby Match, Football game, Wicked, ride the Eye, see the Olympic Stadium progress for London 2012.

Cheers!  -Suz


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