Airplane ethnography

May 17, 2010

The plane was huge, but it was hard to see people once you were in your seat.

I made a list of observations: mostly men, older, lots of tennis shoes or loafers, women are very dressed up, few young people, neck pillows, iPods, small computers, lots of sleepers, lots of glasses.

From my sightings I conclude that people want flying to be comfortable yet convienent.  Most people were wearing comfortable shoes, jeans and something long sleeved.  The younger the passenger was the more casual they got.

I assume the glasses trend was in realtion to the long trip and people assuming they would not want to sleep with contacts on.

The majority of people either had an Ipod or a small computer.

The one exception to this was upper class women…or people that wanted you to think they were upper class.  I noticed many women on the flight were very dressed up, wearing something they may wear out to lunch with friends.  It seemed as though they wanted to outdress the other passengers to show that they had money. Comfort did not seem a priority.

Pretty dry on the fashion side for this flight.  Not many differences. Everyone must have been American 😉


One comment

  1. Scott and I enjoyed reading your comments and will check back for more. Have fun, be careful and (as I always tell Kyle) be good! 🙂
    Love ya ~

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